Best Entertainment Organizer Malaysia

Best Entertainment Organizer Malaysia

Look for Best Entertainment Organizer Malaysia? Entertainment is one of the important section in the whole event, it is the key to make the event success, it could be unforgettable memories in the events for audiences. Therefore, we have been experiencing to arrange the best and fantastic show in the events. AC Event Factory is always insist the only quality show to present to our client and audiences, making happiness memories is our priority matter in ever.

AC Event has been arrange different kind of performance and shows for our clients, example like popular live band, comedian, dance performance, Malaysia cultural dance, hip-hop dance, emcee, musical instrument performance, flash mop, fire eater show, magic show and many different kind of entertainment we could arrange as long as you seen before.

1. Dance Performance

 Belly Dance  Ballet Dance  Hip Hop Dance
Belly Dance Ballet Dance Hip Hop Dance
LED Dance Fire Eater Show
Flash Mob

Lectrosonic LED & Laser Dance

Fire Eater Show

Flash Mob

Cultural Dances

Malay n Iban Chinese Dance Indian Dances
Malay Dances

Malay Mak Yong, Kuda Kepang, Zapin, Joget, Tarian Lilin, Silat

Chinese Dances

Umbrella Dance, Fan Dance, Ribbon Dance,Lion Dance, Dragon Dance

Indian Dances

Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi,
Kathakali, Kathak,Mohini Attam


2. Musical Instrument Performance

Drum Symphony Cultural Musical Instrument Performance Harp Performance
 Drum Symphony

Cultural Malaysia

Instrument Performance

Harp Performance

3. Live Band , Emcee, Comedian

entertainment Emcee Comedian
Live Band Performance

Emcee Service



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